– Release Date: 2010.12.25

– Fix some translation errors in Franch interface – Release Date: 2010.12.10

+ Add French interface *
* Improve Backup logic, up to 5x faster then before. **
– Fix some bugs – Release Date: 2010.12.02

* Improve scan performance. – Release Date: 2010.11.25

+ Multi-Language Interface: English & German. **
+ Basic Hardware Detection – Release Date: 2010.8.25

+ Support Computer Technician License
* Improve driver backup logic – Release Date: 2010.8.5

+ Add scheduled scan feature
* Improve unplugged device display format – Release Date: 2010.7.23

* Improve the installation procedure on professional version – Release Date: 2010.7.20

+ Driver Restore Feature**
+ Driver Uninstall Feature**
+ Unplugged device is marked with a new indicator so it’s easy to identify.
+ Add zip file as optional save format in Driver Backup type. **
* Redesign the Tools button
– Fix a bug when creating the restore point – Release Date: 2010.6.13

+ Add “Hide Item” button on download page, allow user to skip some driver files, hidden item will not be shown on scan result & download page again.
+ Add a new setting to allow user to clean the hiden item list.
+ Add Auto Shutdown Feature**
* Improve the error handling on driver scan progress, user can choose to send the error report to development team.
* Improve the error handling on download progress, Driver Easy will atuo connect the server repeatedly to ensure the download stability.
– Fix 500 error about that hardware name includes some character – Release Date: 2010.6.2

Internal used only, has not release to the public. – Release Date: 2010.5.27

+ Auto extract ZIP & RAR files
+ One-Click Setup feature for ZIP or RAR driver file
+ Open File Location button, Allow user to open the driver file folder
– Fix the bug on some date/time system (eg: Saudi Arabia) – Release Date: 2010.5.18

– Fix the bug when upgrade from 1.x – Release Date: 2010.5.10

* Improve stability of download management
* Beautify the downloading page (add background color, make some changes to items)
– Fix the bug that after rescanning the former downloading process would be lost – Release Date: 2010.4.23

+ Driver backup feature **
+ Allow user to check the installed driver file details.
* Allow user to direct navigate to Download page, do not need to Scan again
* New symbol to easy identify drivers for unknown device & drivers has not up-to-date – Release Date: 2010.3.31

+ One click to Download All drivers **
+ Automatically create a restore point before install the driver **
+ Auto-Update feature, DriverEasy can automatically update when new version available
* Improve Report Error usability.
– Fix some minor bugs. – Release Date: 2010.3.18

+ Report Error feature. An Report Error button was added for users convenience to report any possible diver error, so as to improve our product accuracy & usability
* Improve user interface, add class icon on Scan in Progress & Scan Summary
– Fix some minor compatibility bugs, Driver Easy now more stable on non-English system – reduce the setup file size to less than 1 MB – Release Date: 2010.3.5

* Improve system device scan logic
– Fix device name displayed @, % character on Windows 7 when upgrade to 1.0.4
– Fix the proxy configuration that needs reset again when upgrading to a new version
– Fix “Unable to cast object of type ‘System.Byte[]’ to type ‘System.String'” error on some non-English system – Release Date: 2010.2.23

– Fix “Input string was not in a correct format” error on some non-English System
– Fix “417 – Expection Failed” when enabled access by proxy function through some proxy server – Release Date: 2010.2.12

+ Add internet connection setting, allow access by proxy
+ Add news announcement feature
* Improves 64-bit system compatibility
– Fix some minor bugs