– Release Date: 2011.11.22

– Fix “Guid string should only contain hexadecimal characters”
– Fix CPU detection problem when install a new CPU – Release Date: 2011.10.31

+ Add Spanish (Argentina) interface **
+ Add Portuguese(Brazil) interface **
+ Add renew license feature
* Improve hardware information showing
* Improve driver installation in x64 system
– Fix some bugs – Release Date: 2011.08.30

– Fix “Version string portion was too short or too long” bug – Release Date: 2011.07.21

* Adjust user interfice – Fix some bugs – Release Date: 2011.07.12

– Fix download list present bug – Release Date: 2011.07.08

* Rewrite driver install, driver restore, driver uninstall code
* Rewrite create restore point code
* Improve GUI performance on old machine
* Improve GUI on 120DPI and 150DPI
– Fix many bugs
– Reduce the setup file size – Release Date: 2011.05.05

+ Add Korean Interface Option ( Contact Us if you can help to improve the translation) **
* Redesign the Unplugged device list
– Removed the AD and Flash game during download drivers (We are listening your request) – Release Date: 2011.04.12

* Enhance driver scan engine
– Fix some minor bugs – Release Date: (Internal version, has not release to public)

* For product certification – Release Date: 2011.03.15

– Fix “System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object” error – Release Date: 2011.03.08

+ Industry first Auto-Installation feature, enable automatically install drivers which has no setup program **
+ Add Dutch interface *
+ Allow user to view the driver information in details, by clicking the device name at “Download” page
+ Add Flash game while downloading large-file driver on Free version
* Enhance install and scan process
– Fix some minor bugs